Registration deadline : 05-11-19 

Contest duration: 1 week

Total number of Problems: 1

Starting Date : 08-11-19

Ending Date : 14-11-19

Mode of Submission : You need to submit a GitHub repository link along with your registration form. Later update the repository with the relevant files.

Allowed Team Size : 3 or less

Overview : App-etite is an application development hackathon organised by the DSC of IIT Bhilai for brilliant minds and innovative developers to come up with their unparalleled solutions to the given problem statements. The organising committee holds the sole jurisdictions for deciding the winner(s).Your team is free to choose any Technology- Web App(Provided it's responsive),hybrids or native apps. The source code along with final build needs to be handed over for judgement. It is mandatory to provide documentation of the entire source code separately, one documentation file for each of the source code files. The documentation file should contain the function signatures and its purpose. A video file(s) should also be attached along with the project submission displaying the project at its working condition. Comprehensive documentation(s) and a clear video would boost up your chance of success. Also provide the contact details of the developers to be contacted in case of any ambiguity in understanding your project.

Description about Hackathon : Coming Soon

Judging Criteria: The app will be judged on the basis of how close the solution is to the problem statement, its user-friendliness, how fast it is or its response time, cache memory consumed and permissions required (in case of native apps). Implementation of the algorithms, handling and maintaining concurrency and parallelism, optimisation of the memory space allocated and time consumed. Adding extra and innovative features would hike your score and over and above all the well documentation and the clear video. Though decent UI of the app is essential, but the functioning of the app will be given more credit than its interface.

Timeline :

Release of Problem Statement on 08-11-19 00:00 midnight.

Last date of submission on 14-11-19 11:59 p.m.

Winners to be announced on 16-11-19.

Themes : Coming Soon

Prizes :

1st: Worth Rs. 10,000

2nd: Worth Rs. 7,000

3rd: Worth Rs. 3,000

Organiser : Developer Student Club IIT Bhilai

Department : Open for students from all departments. Every team who will fulfill the criteria mentioned by the organising committee is allowed to participate in this hackathon.