Balloon Butt Pop


Event Name: Balloon Butt Pop

Coordinator: Vikram Kumar (9340188335)

Entry fees: Rs. 20/- (per team).


  • There will be a team of two people. The game will be played between different teams (depending on number of participation, number of teams will be there). 
  • In the team of two, one has to inflate the balloon, tie it and give it to his/her partner. He/she has to blow up the balloon by sitting on it (i.e. by using butt). 
  • One balloon burst will be counted as one point.
  • This game will be played for 3 minutes. The team scoring maximum points will win.
  • The winning team will be awarded with a prize.


  • After inflating the balloon, one has to tie it and then only you can blow it, without tying if it is blown then it will be counted as foul.
  • The participant has to sit on blow it. If he/she uses his/her hand or anything else it will be counted as foul.
  • Once game is started, the participants cannot interchange their position (i.e. they have to decide who’s going to inflate the balloon and who’s going to blow it).