Depth of Dance


Solo/Duet Dance Competition

Do you love to dance? Start with the man in the mirror. Start with yourself. Start with you.

Steps to Apply:

  1. You have to submit your dance video(1-2 mins in mp4 format) performed by you for a preliminary shortlisting.
  2. You need to send the entries to:
    Subject: DOD(solo/duet) Meraz'19
    Name of the participant:
    Mobile no:
    Email id:
    Proof of transaction:
    Entry(in prescribed size and format):


November 5, 2019


  1. At the time of reporting for the stage round all are requested to submit all the names of the performers along with a valid ID proof (viz. College ID card).
  2. Recognized professionals are not allowed to enter the competition.
  3. Reporting is to be done 30 minutes prior to the start of the competition.
  4. All Dance forms are allowed.
  5. Participants are requested to submit their tracks in .mp3 format well in advance before the start of the event.
  6. After the preliminary round, 8 participants will advance to the stage round.
  7. After that there will be competition among the duet and among the solo.
  8. The winner of the duet and solo will be qualified for the final round which is the “Face- Off”.
  9. For the stage round participants are allowed to give a performance of max 3 minutes, any further delay will lead to deduction of the marks.
  10. For the face-off round the song will be given by the judging panel and preparation time will be given.
  11. The participating teams are requested to ensure that their presentation is in keeping with the dignity of the fest. Vulgarity or provocative acts will not be tolerated.

Judging Criteria:

  1. Presentation
  2. Innovation
  3. Stage Utilization
  4. Choreography
  5. Entertaining
  • Shanu : +916260085787
  • Meghna : +918742877418
  • Abhi +919390094040
  • Shreyash +919691912621

Note: Props carry no extra points.

Disclaimer:The decision of judges and the organizing team will be final and binding. For the stage round, participants are requested to stick to the rules, any other cases will lead to deduction of the marks.