Dungeons and Dragons


Do you dream of being a noble knight, a rugged ranger or a taciturn rogue? Do you dream of going on epic adventures where you take down mighty dragons, plunder dungeons and rescue that damsel in distress? Boy, then do we have the thing for you. Come join us for an afternoon of Dungeons and Dragons and experience the magic of tabletop gaming, where you and your friends will be able to adventure like the heroes of yore.

Our objective is to introduce you to the world of tabletop gaming without bombarding you with intricate rules and game mechanics.

The Game Masters will be your eyes and ears in our world. They will also serve as refrees to make sure the rules of the game are not violated. Your job is to describe the actions you take and the GM will describe to you the consequences of those actions. Occasionaly the GM might ask you to roll a dice to determine the outcome.

We have 3 tables available. Each table can have a party of at most 5 people. The basic rules of the game will be explained by the Game Master of your table.

Note : Please be on time. While we are flexible upto an hour, any more delay will leave us with an insuffucient amount of time to get through the story.


Siddharth Singh, 8104487424

Aryavrata Singh Baghel, 9725123743