Intrepide:(Go creative, Go fearless)

Body art is an eternal artistic epidemic that will never cease and tattoo fashion is an incredible innovation that follows after the artistic tidal wave. The art of ink blends perfectly with all sorts of looks and fashions.This meraz pay tribute or just add a little artistic value to the body, and get a chance to win prize worth rupee 1500/-


  1. Take a selfie with your unique and creative tattoo.
  2. Fill the google form from the register button at the bottom and upload the picture.
  3. Creativity and Uniqueness will bring you closer to the prize .
  4. Winner will be declared on the 10 Nov
  5. Hurry up, Prizes worth Rs. 1500 !!

Event Coordinator:

  1. Shalini 
  2. Contact No.: 8383863807