Nukkad Natak



  1. Each team should have a minimum of 7 members and maximum members a team can have is 20. (Musical included)
  2. Time limit: - 14 minutes max
  3. Only acoustic and percussion instruments will be allowed. Any recorded music is not allowed.
  4. The play can be bilingual. Usage of both English and Hindi is allowed.
  5. Negative marking will be awarded for not adhering to specified time limits.
  6. An instance of vulgarity or disturbing content of any order will lead to a forceful halt of performance and immediate disqualification.
  7. Audience response will have substantial points in scoring criteria.
  8. Teams have to bring their own props and costumes.
  9. Banners & posters are allowed.
  10. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to change the venue, time and rules if desired.
  11. The results given by judges will be final & binding for all.

Judging Criteria:

  1. Performance in acting (dialogue delivery, expressions, body movements) - 40%
  2. Presentation encompassing costumes, music, props, use of stage etc. - 25%
  3. Theme and plot depiction - 25%
  4. Marks for originality - 10%

Registration Fee:

Rs. 50/- pre registration

Rs. 100/- on spot

Prizes worth:

Rs. 10,000/-

Event Coordinator:

  1. Shivakant SonkarĀ 
  2. Contact No.: 9511198303