Pandoras Box



Unleash your creativity and the innovator in you.

Show off your talent here in MERAZ by presenting a short drama with your group. A small twist: You'll only use the props given by us.


  1. Each team shall comprise 4-6 members.
  2. No theme specific. You're free to use your creativity.
  3. The list of props we intend to provide in as follows:
    1. Pendant
    2. Gun
    3. Medicinal Tablets/Drugs
    4. Wooden Stick
    5. Book
    6. Banknotes
    7. Alcohol Bottle
    8. Table (optional)
    9. Chair (optional)
  4. The props will be given to the teams at the time of performance
  5. Teams have to use strictly ALL the props in their act.
  6. One member from the team may become the narrator.
  7. Performances will be judged on creativity, story and ideas along with the quality of drama.
  8. Costumes are not required.
  9. Time Limit: 4-8 minutes
  10. Up for the challenge? Just fill out the form.

Registration Fee:

No registration fee

Event Coordinators:

  1. Shashwat Jaiswal
  2. Contact No.: 8004916849

  3. Harsh Vardhan
  4. Contact No.: 8936060577

  5. Aditya Keshari
  6. Contact No. 9451840760