Photo Of the Fest


The Pixel Snappers presents Photo of the Fest as a part of Meraz, the annual techno-cultural fest of IIT Bhilai. The participants have to post a photo clicked by them during the fest on social media platform with the hashtags- #meraz19 #iitbhilai #thepixelsnappers. The hashtags are compulsory for it to be a valid submission

Submissions of Photo of the fest would be evaluated irrespective of the fact that if you have participated in all of the three days or not. If you submit multiple entries, obviously you have better chances of getting a repost ;). 

Deadline : 11:59 AM - 11/11/19


> Every participant must fill the google form to validate their participation.

> Photo should be submitted strictly before the fest ends.

> Submission would be through both, Google Form and social media platform.

> No. of likes, comments and shares can also be considered.

> A photo without meta-data will be disqualified. i.e. The photo should contain its date of creation, device name with which the photo was clicked and other details in the meta-data.

> Minor digital enhancements with brightness, contrast, saturation, hue can be made. i.e. Global editing is allowed but local editing is not allowed.

> For social platform, tag the official page of Meraz, IIT Bhilai and The Pixel Snappers: Photography Club of IIT Bhilai along with hashtags - #iitbhilai, #meraz19, #thepixelsnappers, #photooftheday, #photoofthefest

> The photo submitted must be the original work of the participant. By participating you are stating that you are the owner and the copyright holder of the photographs submitted.

A caption always leaves a positive response on any photo, feel free to add caption.

Evaluation Criteria:

> Composition and Creativity of the photo.

> No. of Likes, comments and shares.

Cases that will result in disqualification :

>Not filling the google form.

>Not including the proper hashtags.

>Photos not being original or photo metadata not found.

>Not submitting entries on time.

Photos that portray or otherwise include inappropriate and/or offensive content, including provocative nudity, violence, human rights and/or environmental violation, and/or any other contents deemed to be contrary to the law, religious, cultural & moral traditions and practices of India, are strictly prohibited and will be immediately discarded.

Winning submissions of the event will get repost from us on official Meraz Facebook page. Stay tuned !!

To Know more visit :

Event Coordinators:

  1. Amit Kumar 
  2. Contact No.: 7011562893

  3. Mohit Verma 
  4. Contact No.: 8227080480

In case of any disputes, the decision of The Pixel Snappers will be final.