Robo Kabaddi


Kabaddi for Robots !!! Yeah you heard it right. Robo Kabaddi is a Robotics Competition, where the challenge is to build a manually controlled, Real Robo Monster, which will have to play kabaddi in designed arena.


In this competition, 2 robots would be placed on either side of arena. Each robot will be given chances of ride and the task of riding robot is to transfer the cube placed in opponent’s arena and cross the partition line. Meanwhile the task of defending robot is to push the riding robot out of the arena.


The match will consist of two halves. The duration of one half will depend on type of match as-

Initial knockout matches-3 min

Quarter and semifinal-4 min

Final-5 min

In case of a draw, extra time of two minutes will be played. In this extra time, the team scoring first will be declared winner. If a team commits foul in extra time, the other team will be declared winner. If no winner is declared even after the extra time, then a surprise element will be introduced.

ROBOT Specifications

o    The total dimensions of a robot at any point of a match must be UNDER the designated limits. Height:20cm, Length:30cm, Width:30cm, Weight:5kg (5% allowance is accepted).

o    No modifications in design can be made during the match.

o    Robot should not expand in size after the start of match. Robot must not physically separate into pieces, and must remain a single centralized robot. Robots violating these restrictions shall lose the match. Screws, nuts, and other robot parts less than 10 gm falling off from a robot’s body shall not cause the loss of match.

o    Robots should be manually handled. So the bot can be wired as well as wireless. In case of wired robots, the length of the wire must be greater than 1.5 meters.

o    Teams can use both on board and off board circuits for communication.The bots can

have on board as well as off board power supply.

o    The battery (potential) supplied to the bot should not exceed 24 volts.

o    The given rules are subject to change. In such genuine and critical cases, the modified rules would be informed by the Coordinator.

o    Violating these rules will lead to immediate disqualification.


Go through the rule book for more details : HERE


Registration Fee:

No Registration Fee

Prizes worth:

Rs. 22,000/-

Event Coordinators:

  1. K.Jaya Sandeep 
  2. Contact No.: 8074841553

  3. Chirag 
  4. Contact No.: 8223059993

  5. Vivek 
  6. Contact No.: 8318361095