Robo Soccer


Hey guys its foot ball time …. Not the one with Ronaldo Vs Messi but it’s the one with your ROBO Ronaldo VS ROBO Messi. We as Robotics club are going to present you the ROBO SOCCER where you can step into the shoes of your favorite football player and show your skills of maneuvering your BOT to score the goals. So if you are up for the challenge get your soccer playing Bots ready in order to compete on the biggest stage and bring out the hidden soccer player in you. Participate and have lots of fun…it’s going to be thrilling for sure…..enjoy the event!


The maximum team size is 3. Students from different institutes may form a team.


The match will consist of two halves. The duration of one half will depend on type of match as-

Initial knockout matches-3 min

Quarter and semifinal-4 min

Final-5 min

In case of a draw, extra time of two minutes will be played. In this extra time the team scoring first will be declared winner. If a team commits foul in extra time, the other team will be declared winner. If no winner is declared even after the extra time, then a surprise element will be introduced.

ROBOT Specifications:
  1. The robot must fit into a cube of (30*30*30) cm at all the time. It cannot expand at any time during the match beyond the size even for hitting the ball. Violating this rule will lead to immediate disqualification.
  1. Bot Weight should not exceed 5 Kgs.
  1. Bot can be wired or wireless.
  1. For participation, each team should have his own bot of specified dimensions.
  1. Teams can use both on board and off board circuits for communication. The bots can have on board as well as off board power supply.
  1. Wire length must be greater than 1.5 meters.
  1. The battery (potential) supplied to the bot should not exceed 24 volts.

Bots will be pre-analyzed by referee. He will select or reject bots by taking consideration the rules and dimension limit.

Go through the rule book for more details : HERE

  1. Rs.4000 for the bot with best design and mechanism. (Declaration of this prize is entirely dependent on voting among the club committee).

In case of any disputes/discrepancies, the organizer’s decision will be final and binding .The organizer reserve the right to change any or all of the above rules as they deem fit. Change in rules, if any will be highlighted on the website and notified to the registered team.


All participants must ensure safety precautions at all time

Violation of any of the above rules or any misconduct will lead to disqualification.

Decision of organizers will be final and binding on all.

The organizers have full rights to call off the event if the required number of entries are not met, if that is the case the registered participants will be informed at the earliest.

Change in rules, if any will be highlighted on the website and notified to the registered teams.

Registration Fee:

Rs. 50/- per head

Prizes worth:

Rs. 22,000/-

Event Coordinators:

  1. Ketha Jaya Sandeep 
  2. Contact No.: 8074841553

  3. Utkarsh 
  4. Contact No.: 9829396756

  5. Himani 
  6. Contact No.: 9306532133