Tech Riddles


Tech Riddles
To all the Geniuses and Masterminds out there, we have a Challenge for you!!
An Ancient Relic lost years ago had been found floating in the black market. And now is in the
possession of a billionaire, located inside a safe room. The relic has a large bounty on it and we
want you to get us the Relic in a heist mission and win the prize money.
Are you brave enough to take on this mission?

It is a Technical Treasure Hunt just like the event from last year but with a slight twist in it. You
will be required to solve many riddles and puzzles to complete your final objective, which in this
case is Stealing an Ancient relic. This is a team event, each team consisting of 3 or 4
members (we recommend 4 people in a team, it cannot be more than 4 or less than 3). There
are no prerequisites for the event except for that you may be required to use your Android
Smartphones during the event (1 per team at least).

Event Outline
The event will have three stages. The first stage is a quiz round where you will be provided with
a bunch of questions to test your capabilities. The teams who clears the quiz can progress to
the next round, Preparation for The Heist. After this comes the final stage, The Heist where you
will Steal the relic. A detailed description of each stage is given below.
There is only one relic, so the teams who steals it successfully first will win this game.
Remember, your main enemy here is not time but other teams competing with you.

First Stage (The First Test)
We will be testing your capabilities for the mission with a small Quiz. The quiz will be consisting
of various logical and aptitude problems and some technology-related questions. The questions
will be in objective or fill in the blanks format. You will be required to solve a minimum number of
questions to clear this stage and start the mission. The quicker you solve it the sooner you can
progress forward.

Second Stage (Preparation for the Heist)
To get to your final objective you need some preparation. In this stage, you will collect
information, passwords or items required for the main heist. You will do this by searching for
hints and solving some puzzles and riddles. As soon as you get all the things required, you will
be ready for the final Stage.

Third Stage (The Heist)
Your final objective is locked behind various traps and obstacles. You have to use the items
acquired in the previous stage and your genius brains to clear them out. You may need to
distract the guard, disable traps and sneak into the room. The first team who succeeds in the
mission will win the game.
Your team has to register offline before the event with your team and team members’ names.
Show us what you are made of. “BEST OF LUCK!!”

Registration Fees:

No Registration Fee

Prizes Worth:

Rs. 18,000/-

Contact Person
Ayushneel Titus - +91 9111196600 (Phone/Whatsapp)