Viva La Vida


Judging Criteria:

Teams will be judged on the basis of their costume designs, overall presentation, ramp walk and narration of the theme.


  1. Registratration for the event has to be done through the link provided below(where a short video has to be submitted for the selection round). Note: If you have any query or issues while registration ,Contact the event coordinators.
  2. A team can have 8 - 12 number of models and maximum 6 backstage members(which includes Makeup Artists, Choreographer & coordinator)
  3. Total time of 15 minutes including setup and clearance will be provided, i.e.10 minutes for stage performance along with 5 minutes for stage setup.
  4. If a team fails to adhere to the given time limit, will be penalized.
  5. Rooms will be provided for changing.
  6. It is mandatory to bring your college ID cards for verification and your music sequence on a pen drive.
  7. No vulgarity in clothing or choreography is allowed. Filthy/Offensive acts will lead to disqualification.
  8. Usage of flammables, smoke, fire, liquids, hazardous materials, or any materials which may vandalise the stage is strictly prohibited.
  9. Organizers hold the right to change/modify rules on the day of the event. Participants shall be informed in advance of any rule changes.
  10. The decision of the judges will be final and binding on all.

Registration Fee:

All event pass

Prizes worth:

Rs. 25,000/-

Event Coordinators:

  1. Rushabh Dhabe 
  2. Contact No.: 9922881015

  3. Nageshwar Arepally 
  4. Contact No.: 7893302234

  5. Driti Singh 
  6. Contact No.: 7355232106